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Hi, I’m Julie. I used to be a tech geek in the corporate world before I took my geekiness into the modern yoga world. 

After seeing so much yoga instruction focus on strict alignment cues that went against natural biomechanics, I knew this wasn’t very inclusive for different body-types. And after observing many teachers giving contradictory cues of listening to their bodies while yelling commands to “go deeper” (and possibly past normal ranges of motion), I knew I was very different. 

I knew there had to be a more inclusive way to care for ourselves that shifted away from aesthetics and leaned more towards introspection.

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IT’S MUSIC TO OUR EARS…SOMETIMES! While on a recent vacation in Bali, I decided to go for a nice and serene experience with Qi Gong. After all, I had some Qi (pronounced “chee”) to clear out and felt I could use a self-care day. A calm, relaxing Qi Gong class would do just the trick. […]

WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH HIP OPENERS FEAT. DR. GARRETT NEILL [FULL VIDEO INTERVIEW] Here is the full video interview with Dr. Garrett Neill, aka “Yogi Gare” on Hip Openers. What he says about the human body’s fetal development and our perception of the term “hip openers” is so insightful! Love, Julie (Your Head Rogue Yogi) […]

THIS IS THE START OF AN EYE-OPENING DIALOGUE ON HIP OPENERS. What happens when a yoga teacher has a rare opportunity to travel the world with no pressure to be anything but a student? No concern about classes to fill, no frustration over needing to teach the way the studio owner wants, lots of time […]

THIS IS THE QUINTESSENTIAL YOGA MANUAL THAT SHOULD BE IN ALL YOGA TEACHER TRAININGS AND NEW STUDENTS’ TOOLBOXES Yoga-related injuries are a thing. And, they’re on the rise.  It’s no mistake why every single one of my interviews of advanced yoga teachers, chiropractors and manual therapists has revolved around injuries on the mat.  Hip replacements, […]

HOW TO PRACTICE ACTIVE VS PASSIVE VERSIONS OF LOTUS POSE Here is a video demonstrating the difference between practicing a Passive and an Active version of Lotus Pose. Both look very different from each other, but the value in feeling the difference in your glutes can be very informative. Try these variations out and let […]

ALL STRETCHES ARE EQUAL, BUT SOME STRETCHES ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS. I think back to the time I used to practice Ashtanga yoga almost everyday. There was a set sequence of poses we had to do. They had to go in the correct order or else we would run the risk of injury.  I […]

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